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Welcome to my blog! My goal here is to get more personal – and simply share stuff with my friends, family, and patients! I want to share compelling and what I consider interesting things that get you thinking, enjoying, talking, learning and laughing. You can expect some posts on the latest advances in cosmetic surgery (although it seems like there’ll be a fair amount of music-related posts – they’re too much fun to make!) I also expect that we’ll have more contests and free stuff, special events and even very special guests! See ya later!

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Dr. Weiss holding a prepared Christmas goose

Fabricating and Cooking a Christmas Goose

Now that Thanksgiving has passed, Christmas is basically right around the corner!   Last year I decided to take on a new challenge: cooking a Christmas goose!  In this video, I’d like to share the results with all my friends and family of patients.   At 45 minutes, this is the longest blog I’ve ever done, so it’s not for everyone!  But if you’re interested in learning about a unique way of preparing a Christmas goose that worked well for me, and having a few laughs and a little music… More »

Spider-Man clinging to a flagpole

A Swingin’ Spider-Man Tribute Blog!

We have a few Marvel Comics fans here at the office, one of which is Dr. Weiss himself!  After seeing and enjoying the new Spider-Man: Homecoming movie, Dr. Weiss decided he’d whip up a little musical tribute and treat viewers to a glimpse at his comic book collection.  We hope you enjoy – and share with your friends! 🙂… More »

One of our Name That Tune Winners!

Name That Tune May 2017 Winner!

Congratulations to L.U. of Irvine and Shari of Irvine for winning our Name That Tune contest and correctly guessing the song as “The Swan”, by Camille St. Saens! They both will receive $500 in office credit to be used toward any service or procedure we offer. Here are some interesting facts about “The Swan” or “Le Cygne” in French: The Swan was the only movement from the “Carnival of Animals” that St. Saens allowed to be performed in his lifetime. When choreographed to ballet it is often known as “The… More »

Dr. Weiss with a crawfish umbrella

A Tribute to the New Orleans Jazz Fest!

This blog is a tribute to the New Orleans Jazz Fest that started today and runs this weekend and next weekend. First of all, I want to give a shout out to everyone having a great time down there! I sure wish I could have made it down this year. As jazz enthusiasts have been saying every year around this time: Next Year, in New Orleans! Playing a simple piano rendition of ‘Do You Know What it Means to Miss New Orleans’ reminds me of so many good memories over… More »

Ella Fitzgerald

Happy 100th Birthday Ella Fitzgerald!

Music is an integral part of the office (you might have guessed that by now 😁).  Yesterday happened to be the 100th birthday of legendary jazz queen Ella Fitzgerald!  Though she passed away at the age of 79 in 1996, her music and influence on jazz are far-reaching and everlasting.     Please enjoy my small tribute to a woman whose perfect elocution, pitch and unique improvisational skills made her a giant among musical artists. (NOTE: This was a spontaneous creation last night on her actual birthday, so while it may… More »

Outside images of Angels stadium

For All You Baseball Fans!

Well, as you know (and you should, if you listened to my short rendition of ‘Take Me Out To The Ballgame’ last week 😉), it’s baseball season again! Friday night was a beautiful evening at Angels Stadium. I arrived a little late by had no sooner sat down in my seat with a hot dog and a beer, when I looked up and saw a bases-loaded three-run double by Pujols to bring the Angels to a 3-2 lead! (Though the Angels lost 8-7 in the 13th inning). However, there was… More »

Baseball glove and mitt

Our Baseball Blog is Quite the Catch!⚾️

  Baseball season strikes again!  That means it’s time to swap March Madness for your baseball cap, dust off your baseball mitt and get ready to celebrate “America’s pastime”! In honor of baseball season, I made a cover of the song, “Take Me Out To the Ball Game!”, the unofficial theme for baseball.  The song was composed in 1908 by Jack Norworth and Albert Von Tilzer. I hope you enjoy my little baseball haiku!  Feel free to use it as a ringtone, share with your friends or even give us… More »

A Merry Christmas Minute

I hope everyone has a peaceful Christmas and a Happy Hannukah! Click here to sit down for a second and have a peaceful minute: P.S. C’mon, you didn’t think that I’d play ‘I had a little Dreidl’, did you?… More »

Dr. Weiss with virtual reality headset on

Exploring the Wilds of Virtual Reality

I recently visited a major cosmetic surgery conference and encountered a company that is doing exciting things with mobile devices and virtual reality in the cosmetic field! Virtual reality isn’t a device but a more abstract concept. Virtual reality often refers to a group of digital technologies that allow for immersive experiences, the most common being the headsets that surround your head and eyes while projecting images directly in front of you. Virtual reality may provide new and exciting ways for medical practices to provide information to patients that can… More »

A Special Thanksgiving Musical Minute

A Special Thanksgiving Musical Minute

Well, that came quick didn’t it?  Thanksgiving is already here (what happened to the rest of the year??) and we’re excited to wish our family of patients a Happy Turkey Day! Dr. Weiss wanted to share a quick song with you – a ragtime piece by Scott Joplin, also known as the Ragtime King whose birthday happens to be November 24 (or at least that’s what the tombstone says)!  Also in a fascinating turn of events, guess what the name of Joplin’s most influential teacher is?  Yep – Weiss!  Yeah,… More »

A Special Treat for Rolling Stones Fans!

A friend shared these amazing photos of the Rolling Stones from a concert in Lima, Peru. Rolling Stones fans (and who isn’t?) enjoy! Photos used with permission.… More »

Dr. Weiss with kids in India

Listen to the song that gave birth to Dr. Weiss’ charity, One World Sight Project!

Some of you may know that years ago I was inspired to create a charity to cure blindness by a song that I wrote about the plight of the blind. 20-25 million people are needlessly blind; they can be cured in about 25 minutes for $25 each! One World Sight Project aims to bring awareness and novel solutions to the developing world. “One Spirit” is the song that inspired the charity. You can listen to it by clicking or tapping on the picture above.… More »

Jennifer Aniston talks about dry eyes

New Breakthrough for Dry Eye Treatment!

Dry eyes can not only be annoying, but can be painful and life-altering! Luckily, advances in medicine have produced a new drug called Xiidra (Zz-eye-druh). Xiidra is the first eyedrop that is FDA-approved for treating both the signs and symptoms of dry eye. Learn more about Xiidra in this video featuring Dr. Weiss and Jennifer Aniston! 🙂… More »

The amazing artist drawing a flower

You Have to See This Blind Artist to Believe It!

As you might already know, Dr. Weiss has a charity dedicated to ending curable blindness called One World Sight Project.  On a trip to an IAPB meeting (International Agency for the Prevention of Blindness) in Buenos Aires, we happened upon an artist by the name of Esref Armagan.  Despite being blind all his life, Armagan’s ability to draw structures and objects he has never seen is amazing.  But don’t take our word for it – check it out yourself! If you’d like to learn more about curing blindness in the… More »

Placeholder image representing the song "Nobody Knows You When You're Down and Out" and a play button

Check us out on SoundCloud – it’s all about the music!

We’ve got some new and…ahem…noteworthy news for you – Dr. Weiss is officially on SoundCloud! For those not “in the know”, SoundCloud is basically a social platform built around sharing music and other audio. Think of it as a YouTube for sounds and music 🙂 We love sharing music with our family of patients and friends – SoundCloud seems like a popular and exciting platform for us to continue doing that! You can listen to our first track right now – a distorted, guitar driven cover of Nobody Knows You… More »

Dr. Weiss at the one-man saw mill in Oregon

Video Blog – Dr. Weiss visits a one-man saw mill hidden in Oregon

One of the things the Pacific Northwest is known for is logging and timber. On a recent trip to Oregon, Dr. Weiss discovered a tiny one-man saw mill hidden away in one of the smaller towns. Enjoy this up close and personal look at how a one-man mill can churn through over 1000 feet/hour! And listen for the infrequently performed Grateful Dead song at the end!… More »

Dr Weiss examining patient's eyelids

A Complete Look at Upper Eyelid Surgery (Blepharoplasty)

We want our patients to be as informed as possible before making any decisions concerning their health.  That’s why we’re thrilled to bring you a complete and detailed look at the eyelid surgery process from pre-operative visit to before and after pictures. While the Internet and sites like YouTube make it trivial to find example videos of any number of procedures, we believe it is invaluable to see YOUR physician (or potential physician) at work.  Surgery is an art as well as a science; it is important to see the… More »

Ask Dr. Weiss

Ask Dr. Weiss – What’s the Best Part of Your Job?

Dr. Weiss has been practicing medicine in Newport Beach for over 25 years! So we thought we’d ask him after all that experience, what’s the best part of being an oculoplastic surgeon?… More »

Man and Woman at Eye Clinic

Tanzania Video Blog #1

  Welcome back to the One World Sight Project Video Blog Series! Well, we’re back from Tanzania and wanted to share with you the latest developments. Thanks to your support, the One World Sight Project has been able to support an amazing hospital that is truly changing lives for many people in Africa! Dr. Weiss went to visit an eye hospital at the foot of Mt. Kilimanjaro to see first hand what your donations are accomplishing!… More »

Ask Dr. Weiss

Ask Dr. Weiss – Asian Eyelid Surgery

Asian eyelid surgery requires a specialized knowledge of the unique physiological characteristics of the asian eyelid. Because of this, oculoplastic surgeons are often the best choice because of their focus on eyelid surgery as a specialty. Listen to Dr. Weiss discuss a patient and their fantastic results (complete with before and after pictures of course).… More »

Yankee Doodle

Happy Independence Day from us to you!

Happy Birthday, America! From our family to yours, we wish you all a fantastic holiday filled with food, fun and fireworks! And to kick off your holiday weekend, we thought we’d give you a little song and dance. Enjoy your holiday weekend while we wait anxiously for the recording contract offers to come rolling in 😉   Happy Independence Day From Weiss Cosmetic… More »


Get Rid of Your Double-Chin with Kybella

We thought you’d be interested in a brand new procedure from Allergan called Kybella. All it takes is a few injections to dissolve away the fat that causes the ‘double chin’ appearance. Watch an actual treatment session, hear Dr. Weiss explain the procedure and listen to patients talk about their experience several months later! Learn how to get Rid of Your Double-Chin with Kybella… More »

Local Anesthesia and Singing in the OR!

Local Anesthesia and Singing in the OR!

Well here’s something you might not see everyday! As you might be well aware, Dr. Weiss is a big fan of local anesthesia; he feels it’s a safer choice that leads to more accurate results! But how do the patients feel about it? Well, here’s one patient that seems fairly comfortable with our choice. But we’ll let him do the talking…er…singing. 🙂 Local Anesthesia and Singing in the OR!… More »

30 Seconds to Brighten Your Day!

Happy Thursday everyone! Here’s a quick little pick-me-up inspired by a couple of patients that came by yesterday. Got any requests? We’d love to hear them! Just send us a quick email with the subject “Song Request” to [email protected] and we’ll do our best to honor them. Enjoy your ticket to a fantastic Friday!… More »

Memorial Day blog image

Dr. Weiss’ Memorial Day Commemoration – America the Beautiful

Help me honor and remember those who died for our country, and pray that many less will need to die in the future.  … More »

Two doctors discuss remote eye care

Buenos Aires Blog #4 – Telemedicine and Eye Care

We’re back with more Buenos Aires Blogs!  This time we feature Dr. Ravin as he discusses telemedicine and how it can help those who don’t have the money or methods to get to a hospital.… More »

Dr. Weiss interviewing John Barrows

Buenos Aires Blog #5 – Interviewing John Barrows of the International Eye Foundation, The Amazing Artwork of Jorge Iglesias

Buenos Aires Video Blog #5 is here!  This episode features an interview with John Barrows of the International Eye Foundation and Jorge Iglesias, an artist whose work plays tricks on the eye!  You can read more about Julio Iglesias at his website or his YouTube Channel!… More »

Dr. Weiss interviewing Dr. Ashok Shah

Buenos Aires Blog #6 – Improving Eye Care in Africa with Dr. Ashok Shah

Buenos Aires Video Blog #6 is here!  This time we sit down with Dr. Ashok Shah, who is improving eye care for the English-speaking countries of Africa.  Then we drive around in search of the answer to a most pressing question: “Why is Argentinean beef so good?”  Adventure is only a click away!… More »

Happy Mother’s Day 2016!

Happy Mother’s Day to all the fantastic Moms (and moms-to-be!) that make up our family of patients! With the help of multi-track recording and auto harmony, Dr. Weiss has put together a little video to convey a special thank you to our Moms.  For best sound quality, listen to this video using headphones.  … More »


Happy Easter From Dr. Weiss

For those of you celebrating Easter today, here’s a little throwback to Dr. Weiss performing “Easter Parade” for his poodle Bisou. Happy Easter!  … More »

Springsteen at the LA Sports Arena 2016

Continuing our musical trend, Dr. Weiss attended the Springsteen concert last weekend and was super excited to tell you all about it. Of course, still images and text were not going to do The Boss justice. So he stitched together this awesome video summary of Springsteen’s final concert at the LA Sports Arena (the venue is scheduled to be closed and demolished later this year). We’ve got jumping crowds, classic songs clips, Dr. Weiss at 19 years old, and a surprise duet! But we can’t say anymore – you’ve got… More »

Dr. Weiss’ St. Patrick’s Day Celebration

As luck would have it, we’ve got a brand-new musical medley for our fantastic family of patients in celebration of St. Patrick’s Day!  Of course it’s filled with beautiful piano music, but it also features Dr. Weiss playing the penny whistle! Click to watch the video and find out a little more about penny whistles as well as hear some traditional Irish songs played on it! Wishing you all a happy, safe St. Patrick’s Day!  … More »

Musical Tribute to George Martin

Today, I’d like to celebrate the life of George Martin, who took a chance on four teenagers, awarded them their first recording contract and transformed popular music history. Thanks George – as well as John, Paul, George, and Ringo.… More »

Ask Dr. Weiss

Local vs. General Anesthesia

Local anesthesia leads to safer and more accurate results in eyelid surgery, and Dr. Weiss is a proponent of local anesthesia when performing eyelid surgeries in his office. Local anesthesia allows for small, localized areas to be made numb as opposed to general anesthesia which puts the patient “to sleep” and requires an anesthesiologist to be present. But what makes local anesthesia the better choice for eyelid surgery? Watch the short video and find out more!  … More »

Friends and Patient Appreciation Party

Friends and Patient Appreciation Party

Sometimes we just like to say thank you to our awesome family of patients and friends, hang out, and have a little fun. And that’s exactly what we did this summer! We couldn’t invite everyone (at least not until the SuperDome rent drops a little), but some lucky folks got to eat, drink and be merry with a little accompaniment by the fabulous live music of Nutty Jazz. Hope to see YOU at our next get-together! You can find more about Nutty Jazz and their music here: http://nuttyjazz.com/… More »

Mother’s Day 2015 iPad Winner!

Better late than never! We’re finally posting the winner of our Mother’s Day 2015 iPad Mini contest! Here’s the winner of our Mothers Day special, which not only offered a discount for our family of patients but also provided a chance to win a brand-new iPad mini. Congratulations to Vikki on winning our contest! Below is a look at the video of Dr. Weiss and Vikki as they explore an impromptu explanation of the song and its translation. Thank you very much to all our participants!… More »

Dr. Weiss Recorded on Periscope Performing Botox

Dr. Weiss was recently recorded by patient, Cassie Piasecki, while performing a botox injection. Botox is a common cosmetic injection that inhibits the body’s nerve signals that cause a muscle to contract. The effect relaxes the look of wrinkles that are caused by repetitive motions or movements on the face.  The most common areas for botox are between the eyebrows, adjacent to the eyes in a section often referred to as “crows-feet”, and horizontal in forehead creases Take a look at how simple and painless the procedure is by watching the full video below:… More »

A Legend Dies – Personal Thoughts on Stopping Mandela’s Tears

Mandela’s death at age 95, though not unexpected, affected me more than I thought it would – it seems that the world is somehow diminished without his unique spirit. In 1988, I was summoned to South Africa to perform an eyelid operation on President Mandela to cure his tearing. What I’d like to share is this personal encounter with Madiba and how that affected me. Naturally, I had wanted to share the small story of my time with South Africa’s legendary patriarch, but the political climate at the time forbade… More »

The Dress Dr. Weiss Contest has a Winner!

Well, it’s official now – Dr. Weiss looks best in pink! And blue! You may recall we decided to hold a little contest for our family of patients to see which version of Dr. Weiss you preferred: Pink Scrubs, Blue Scrubs, White Coat, or Suit and Tie. As we kind of expected here, Pink took the lead, but what we DIDN’T expect was that Blue would run with Pink neck and neck! With Pink and Blue being so close in voting, we decided to merge the participants who voted in… More »

Dress Dr. Weiss and Win an Amazon Kindle Fire!

We’ve been having a bit of internal discourse as to what the best look is for Dr. Weiss. I mean, of course, we think he’s dashing no matter WHAT he’s wearing, but what’s the most popular combination? Is it the classic pink scrub he’s made popular? Or do patients prefer the standard white coat and dress shirt? So we decided to crowdsource the question – and we’re even giving out a prize! Use the form below to select your favorite look and if you’re the lucky random winner in the… More »

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