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Happy Birthday Dr. Weiss (and Botox Cosmetic!)

Here’s an interesting factoid: Dr. Weiss’ birthday (April 15) falls on the 10th anniversary of Botox Cosmetic, a product Dr. Weiss has been intimately involved with since the beginning.

And here’s another: Did you know that 10 years ago, Dr. Weiss was being interviewed on the radio the very same day that Botox Cosmetic received its FDA approval? We thought that was pretty awesome!

While we’re not exactly sure what Botox did over its special weekend – probably just “relax” (did you get it? Or do you “needle” little time?), Dr. Weiss certainly managed to “inject” some fun into his special day.

He headed out to North Hollywood for the Thai New Year (which ALSO falls on his birthday – is this the month for coincidences or what?)! As expected, the Thai New Year is a grand celebration, complete with great food (of course), mediation, and beautiful dances! Check out a couple of pics from the festivities and we’ll see you in the office!