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Newport Beach Doctor Strives To Cure Blindness in 100 People in One Day

Newport Beach, CA, August 12, 2005 – One World Sight Project (OWSP) Founder Richard Weiss, MD, announced today that he will hold a “BOTOX-A-THON” on Thursday, August 18 with Botox Cosmetic® product donated by Allergan Inc. Dr. Weiss will inject patients for a $100 donation with all of the profits going directly to benefit the One World Sight Project. Dr. Weiss is attempting to fund surgery for 100 people through the event.

There are approximately 25 million people in the world who are needlessly blind from bilateral cataracts and who could be permanently cured by a simple operation that can sometimes be performed in less than 20 minutes. OWSP-sponsored sight restoring surgery will be performed in Tanzania and Tibet in August and September. According to Weiss “Just one person coming into my office on Thursday for Botox Cosmetic will cure two people of needless blindness.”

In addition to the BOTOX-A-THON the public is invited to attend a beach party at Newport Dunes on Saturday, August 27th that will include dinner, drinks and a band with dancing. Tickets for this event will be $125 per person – $50 of which will be tax deductible. Children and families are invited to attend. Weiss continues, “It costs $50 to permanently cure a person of blindness in the developing world – so that if you can make the party, you can rightly feel that because of you, someone in the world can see and that it happened this summer.”

Space is limited, so if you are interested, please RSVP promptly to Jana at 949-720-1400 and make checks payable to One World Sight Project, Inc (a 501.c3 tax deductible charity). For those not able to attend the event but who wish to participate, each $50 donation will cure a person of blindness. Mail checks to Weiss Cosmetic & Laser Vision Procedures, 360 San Miguel Road, Suite 403, Newport Beach, CA 92660. More information on the One World Sight Project is available at www.owsp.org.