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Mandela, Eye Surgery, and the Miracle Baby

Bill Johnson, Staff Writer, Published December 13, 2013

Maybe it is just me, but the last person I expected to be thoroughly engaging, much less funny, was an ophthalmic plastic and reconstructive surgeon. I can barely spell what Richard Weiss does and, truly, have no real idea of what that actually is. I was expecting an older, graying, monotone-in-speech guy, one who would barely tolerate my interrupting his schedule before tossing me squarely out. But there I was the other day in Weiss’ Newport Beach office that overlooks Fashion Island, trying to keep up as the good doctor… More »

Insightful Mission: With the help of local businesses, Newport Beach ophthalmologist trying to cure blindness around the world

MICHAEL KING, Newport Beach/Costa Mesa Daily Pilot, Monday, December 21, 1998

Curing 20 million people of blindness sounds like a formidable task, but a local doctor and several Newport Beach businesses are leading the charge to do just that. The One World Sight Project was founded by Newport Beach ophthalmologist Richard Weiss nine years ago with the belief that someone needed to lead the effort to treat the almost 80% of worldwide cases of blindness that are curable Weiss said of the 42 million people who are visually impaired worldwide, 20 million suffer from bilateral cataracts, which can be cured with… More »

Laser Vision Correction: Cosmetic Surgery?

By Maria Camille, SCCSN Editor-In-Chief Southern California, Cosmetic Surgery News, Published April, 1999

Richard A. Weiss M.D. believes that the miracle of laser vision correction is the latest cosmetic trend. Waves of the future always seem to begin in Southern California. Riding — indeed, directing — the crest of the wave of ophthalmic plastic and refractive surgery is Richard A. Weiss, M.D., founder of the Newport Laser Vision & Cosmetic Surgery Network in Newport Beach. Heralded as one of the most prominent laser surgeons in California, Dr. Weiss has established a unique international presence by leading the way with new clinical techniques and cutting… More »

A Paralyzing Party

by Nicola Harrison, Orange Coast Magazine, May 2002

In late March, around 40 women attended a party in a Laguna Beach home overlooking the ocean. They mingled over sushi and champagne and chatted about PTA meetings, office politics and kids who made the honor roll. And they had numbing cream on their foreheads. Dr. Richard Weiss, an ophthalmic plastic surgeon based in Newport Beach, first heard about a Botox party in London, “and after I mentioned it to a few of my clients I had an overwhelming response.” Initially approved by the FDA for the treatment of facial… More »

Eyes Wide Open

Dann Halem, Orange Coast Magazine, January 2003

By Dann Halem Stevie Wonder is sitting at the piano (Where else?) The piano is of the upright persuasion and located inside his L.A. recording studio, a stone’s throw from the Wiltern Theater. The neighborhood that surrounds Wonder’s space isn’t exactly Rodeo meets Wilshire—especially not at two o’clock in the morning. The neighboring buildings are chock-a-block and industrial, and the singer is guarded by an old iron gate and a single burly bodyguard. It isn’t the sunniest scene to write music, yet this is when and where the famed composer… More »

Allergan Irons Out the Wrinkles

Courtney Perkes, Orange County Register, October 2006

NEWPORT BEACH – The latest anti-aging treatment from the makers of Botox won’t hit the national market for a couple of months, but Mary Ann Hammer catches a sneak preview every time she looks in the mirror. Last week, Hammer received a free injection of Juvederm, a facial filler that plumps out laugh lines, from her Newport Beach ophthalmologist Richard Weiss. Hammer and her doctor are among a select group trying out Allergan’s filler before the official launch in January. The limited rollout centers on a survey to test Juvederm’s… More »

World View: When Ophthalmologist Richard Weiss of Newport Beach Set Out to End Curable Blindness, He Envisioned a Plan Without Borders

By KATHRYN BOLD, Times Staff Writer, Published November 10, 1998

No matter how many times Newport Beach ophthalmologist Richard Weiss shows visitors a videotape of blind, destitute people waiting hours for surgery they hope will bring them sight, he’s the first to tear up. For more than 10 years, Weiss has worked to restore the sight of poor people in places such as India, South Africa and Haiti, where the blind line up by the hundreds for his free surgeries. He has seen, and treated, children with opaque, unseeing eyes like those pictured on his video. “In a country like… More »

Pass the Champagne, Bring on the Botox – Daily Pilot, April 12, 2002

Deepa Bharat, April 2002

by Deepa Bharat NEWPORT BEACH – Not many would imagine the words “Botox” and “bash” would go together. After all, Botox is the brand name of botulinum toxin, a substance that is injected into facial muscles as an age-defying treatment. It is the most popular method performed to remove wrinkles — be it laugh lines, frown folds on the forehead or those unsightly bags under the eyes. But Botox parties are gaining popularity among bustling socialites in affluent communities. Newport Beach is no exception. Today, several women will get together… More »