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Number of Hyperhidrosis Sufferers Tops 7.8 Million Excessive underarm sweating gains greater awareness through Botox® approval for the condition

Newport Beach, CA, August 18, 2004 – A new national survey conducted to determine the prevalence of hyperhidrosis, a medical condition characterized by excessive sweating, has found that the disease affects a much larger proportion of the United States population than previously reported. As many as 7.8 million Americans or 2.8 percent of the population may have hyperhidrosis. For the majority of these individuals, excessive underarm or palm of hands sweating is intolerable and frequently interferes with daily activities. Despite this and the fact that new treatment options are available, only a minority number of patients ever seek treatment for the condition.

According to Richard Weiss, M.D. a Newport Beach surgeon who has been treating patients for hyperhidrosis for six years, “Hyperhidrosis can have very severe consequences for some of my patients. It can cause physical and emotional impairment as well as difficulties in personal relationships, occupational interactions”. According to the International Hyperhidrosis Society, some patients are misdiagnosed with anxiety disorders or told that cannot be effectively treated. The recent approval of Botox® is significant news for these patients, who were not adequately treated with topical medications and found other treatment options too invasive. Weiss states, “Many people live with severe primary axillary hyperhidrosis and do not realize they have a chronic medical condition that is treatable, most likely with 1-2 BOTOX® treatments.”

Dr. Richard Weiss is a board-certified ophthalmic plastic surgeon, specializing in cosmetic and reconstructive eyelid and eyebrow surgery, laser wrinkle removal, Botox® and rejuvenative injections, laser vision correction and Conductive Keratoplasty. Dr. Weiss can be reached at Weiss Cosmetic & Laser Vision Procedures, 360 San Miguel Drive, Suite 403, Newport Beach California. Telephone 949-720-1400, or visit the website at www.drweiss.com