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On 7 year olds, big ears and plastic surgery

Dewey from Malcom in the MiddleLet’s face it – your early school years can be some of the scariest moments of your life!  Before school, you live in the beautiful protected tower of your family’s care.  And unless your mother is Mother Gothel, it’s a pretty sweet deal (by the way, if you’ve got magic hair that glows when you sing and an extremely overprotective mother, school might not seem so bad).  Free food, clothes, cool stuff, etc.  Oh yeah, and they LOVE you.  Sure, they get mad when you leave your clothes lying around or take the last popsicle in the fridge and leave none for your little sister (guilty!), but despite all that, they love you and work to build you up, not tear you down.  Upon entering grade school though, you realize that the outside world is slightly different.  Suddenly, you’re surrounded by other kids.  And kids like to make fun of things that are different.

Such was the case for seven-year-old Samantha Shaw, who apparently was the target of bullying because of her larger-than-average set of ears.  Her mother decided that she was going to help ease the pain and hopefully deflect further bullying by allowing her daughter to undergo plastic surgery.

When the words “plastic surgery” and “seven-year-old” find themselves in the same sentence, panic naturally ensues – but before we go all Victoria Justice and “freak the freak out,” let’s talk a little bit about “plastic surgery.”  The poor guy has had his reputation sullied a bit.  Wikipedia defines plastic surgery as “a medical specialty concerned with the correction or restoration of form and function.”

Plastic or cosmetic surgery isn’t a “bad” thing.  It’s merely a personal choice someone makes to improve or enhance their appearance, much like getting braces or working out.  But thanks to Hollywood and countless reality shows, plastic surgery is now synonymous with “aging” stars and starlets stabbing Botox into their faces at 23 and vapid, excessively wealthy clientele spending millions trying to achieve the “perfect look.”

Samantha was flown out to a doctor in New York where they performed an otoplasty (commonly known as ear pinning), and everything went well.  Samantha loves her “new” ears – and that’s wonderful!  What strikes me as sad is that according to NYDailyNews.com, little Samantha “hasn’t been bullied yet” by any of the kids.


The operation was a preventative measure – to head off the teasing before it started.  And adults, not kids, were the ones who had made the previous rude comments!

I’m very happy for Samantha, but I think Mom jumped the gun just a tad.  Samantha’s procedure is quite common, yes.  It’s not like she’s some spoiled brat begging for Botox at 14.   Kudos to Mom for considering her daughter’s well-being, but…well, what happened to “Love yourself and forget what other people say”?  Mom thinks other kids would make fun of her, but here Samantha is at seven years old – and hasn’t been bullied yet.  That’s at least two years of being in school and being noticed by other children.

Sometimes, with the best of intentions we worry to much about what MIGHT happen.  I’m reminded of story that made quite a bit of news.  A mother blogged about her five-year-old son dressing up as Daphne from Scooby-Doo for Halloween.

ZOINKS!  Sounds like a recipe for disaster!  A BOY, going to school dressed in a GIRL costume?  Complete with tights and a purse?  Doesn’t sound like a mystery to me…he’s gonna get torn apart by the other boys and girls.  Except…well…he didn’t.  The only people that seemed to have a problem were (surprise again!) the adults.  But instead of telling her son that he needed to change, Mom helped to re-enforce her child’s self-esteem despite some nasty adult comments.

I truly believe Samantha’s mom has her heart in the right place.  She’s trying to make things as pleasant as she can for her daughter, just like any good mother would do.  And again, Samantha’s procedure is fairly common.  But I’d rather see Mom continue to teach her daughter to LOVE herself, “imperfections” and all, rather than CHANGE herself to counter threats that may be nothing more than childish teasing.  If you’re gonna change something about yourself, do it for you, not to please other people 🙂

But don’t take my word for it…Selena Gomez says it even better 🙂