Payment Options

In selecting a surgeon, capability and experience are much more important than price or convenience. No one is happy that they found the best price when the outcome is less than expected. It is our policy to be competitive and reasonable in setting surgical fees and to do our best to accommodate our patients in scheduling procedures. We understand that most of the procedures that we perform are elective, so we work especially hard to make your total experience with our office pleasurable and convenient


Don’t let high up-front costs be a barrier when you can pay for procedures not covered by insurance on a monthly basis instead. Find out in advance what your monthly payments would be for the procedures you’re considering by calling our office at (949) 720-1400.

Patient appreciation discount policy

We also appreciate the trust that our patients place in us. As a show of appreciation, we offer significant discounts on other services that we offer to our family of patients (valued at $60-$2,000). Patient Appreciation Discount Policy

IRS Ruling

Has The IRS Ruled that Refractive Surgery is a Legitimate, Tax-Deductible Medical Expense or is it Considered Unnecessary Cosmetic Surgery?

In 1995 the IRS issued a private letter ruling, stating that medical expenses for undergoing RK constitute payments for medical care under the Internal Revenue Code and are, therefore, deductible. However, the letter ruling applies only to the requester, that it is not binding on the IRS with respect to any other individual, and that, in theory, the IRS could change its position in the future.

Does insurance cover laser vision correction?

Most insurance companies do not cover laser vision correction, but we encourage you to check with your provider. While this procedure is often deemed elective and is not cover, it may be tax deductible depending on your filing status. Please consult your accountant.

Can I use my home equity loan?

Yes, home equity loans are usually a low cost option for financing you procedure. With a home equity loan, the money a financial institution loans you uses the equity in your home as collateral. Funds from that loan can be used to pay for your procedure. Be sure to ask your tax adviser if you can take advantage of the mortgage interest deduction on Schedule A – Itemized Deductions.

Will my company’s flexible spending plan cover this procedure?

Yes, if you or your spouse participate in an employer-provided flexible spending account plan, you can pay for your procedure with tax-free (pre-tax) dollars. This could save you as much as $2,000 depending on your income and tax bracket.

Your flexible spending account allows you to set aside pre-tax dollars for health-care related expenses. Laser vision correction qualifies as such an expense. Contributions to your plan are made through regular, automatic paycheck deductions. Since the money you set aside in the account isn’t taxed, it goes much farther in covering expenses.