To Dr. Richard A. Weiss, M.D.


Compliments & best wishes to a remarkable medical specialist.


Mandela 14-3-98


Dear Dr. Weiss,

I have had so many compliments on the enclosed picture that I want to thank you for the great job you did four years and for the way it has lasted! Please feel free to use it in any way that may be of use to you. Best wishes in 2011 to you, your family and your staff.

Sincerely yours,

Virginia H

With the Holiday season approaching I will again celebrate my most important and favorite Holiday Thanksgiving. I am specially thankful to you for your insisting that I have a physical prior to your doing any surgery on my eyes. What yours truly thought was a waste of time became one of the most important happenings of my life – a quadruple cardiac bypass operation. I thank you for making it possible for me to be writing this letter almost three years later. My very best wishes to you and your family for a most enjoyable holiday season.

Sincerely, Robert B



Dear Jackie,

Thank you for your kindness and compassion during my surgery and recovery. You are indeed in the right profession!

With gratitude,

Carol G


Hi Jackie, Tamara and Dr. Weiss,

Just a little note to tell all of you what a wonderful day I had in your office. I twas just perfect; the great customer service, great 70s music…but most of all making me feel so comfortable during my eye work. You’re a great team, work well together, and it shows!!

Terry and Kelly F

Dear Dr. Weiss and Jackie,

You both made a very tough situation as pleasant as possible – thank you so much!

Dr. Weiss, working at lunch time and singing to me who was very gracious (and entertaining). Jackie, your truly sincere bedside manner was so kind. You are the perfect compliment to Dr. Weiss. I look forwrd to seeing you both again under better circumstances.

Warmly, Kay H


Dr. Weiss,

Six months ago, you performed TCB surgery on me. I just had to write to tell you how absolutely thrilled I am with the results. I cannot believe what a difference it has made in my overall appearance! You are a true miracle worker! I wanted to send a before and after photo to you.

I just can’t thank you enough!

Julie H

Prioritizing expenditures is common place in today’s world. In the seventies, a San Francisco billboard of a Calvin Klein ad read, “If I have any money left then I’ll pay the rent.” That’s almost how it happened to me. But it’s worth it!

For years I have come to your seminars and wanted to give to myself a special gift. Finally I did. Your skill, coupled with new technology and the magic of the laser exceeded my expectation of the procedure. Thank you for advising me in what should be my first step in improving my appearance I would confidently refer anyone to your experienced hand and talent. Sincerely, Dianna P


To Dr. Weiss and Klara,

Your professionalism and expertise show on my face. My upper and lower lid eye surgery combined with the facial resurfacing has given me a youthful glow. I feel refreshed. My skin glows with a soft smooth surface. You and your staff were there for me through the whole process. Thank you for taking such good care.

Dawn A


Dr. Weiss,

I just wanted to thank you so much for my eye surgery. To be able to see 20/20 is something I haven’t been able to do in 28 years!! Thank you so much for being a kind and wonderful doctor!


Tracy V

Dear Dr. Weiss and “gentle staff”,

What can I say? You ‘re-created’ me. It has been almost a year since I had both eyelids (upper/lower) “smoothed” out, so my “baby blues” can be seen again, and laser resurfacing. My friends and co-workers still say they can’t believe the change in my appearance. Although I will be 69 years in June it is the consensus of opinion that I look 53-56. The added plus is a great psychological lift. I will have it done again if necessary – just to always look my best.

You are indeed a great “artist” and good human being. Anna

Dear Dr. Weiss and staff,

I love the results. My eyelids have always been heavy and made me look tired. I now look healthier and younger than 15 years ago. I had no pain whatsoever and I really appreciate all the care and information I was given. It was worth the trip from Oregon to have the wonderful results.

Thank you so much!

Karen F



Thank you for allowing me to see without scratching from eyelashes on my eyes. I am so grateful.

Eleanor F



Simple procedure, outstanding results! When the outcome is better than expected and the process/procedure is less traumatic than expected, I’d have to say, “A job well done.”

Thank you.

Craig C



Thank you! Thank you! I wish I had done my eyes years ago. Dr. Weiss is wonderful, gentle and honest. The surgery was painless. I was awake for the entire surgery. I healed quickly and I would do it again if needed in a heartbeat.

Thank you again!


I wore glasses/contact lenses since elementary school. My activities were restricted such that I was unable to go surfing with friends and unable to do many other things. My dependence on lenses or glasses often felt like a ‘ball & chain.’ While I was apprehensive about the surgery, it was worth any risk. The surgery was a success!! And it is such a blessing & a feeling of freedom from the restrictions!! I recommend it to everyone.

Roger F



Doctor Weiss,

For my youthful eyes I am forever grateful. What a way to embark on the new millennium!

Best wishes,





What can I say – it’s sooo good to just be able to wear cool sunglasses!!

Great job.


Doug S


Dr. Weiss,

I can’t believe it! One day after surgery and I’m seeing better than when I wore my contacts. I can actually read the sports scores on the bottom of the ESPN channel from the back of my living room – which I couldn’t do before. I am sooo glad I’ve done this! You are the best doctor – I’m going to tell everyone I meet!

Alyssa R


Dr. Weiss and Staff, I can’t thank everyone enough for all the support and warmth shown to me. Dr. Weiss is excellent. I was recommended to Dr. Weiss and coming to him was one of the best things I ever did. Thanks to everyone for the professionalism and genuine caring.


Linda E

Dr. Weiss and staff

Thank you so much for such a drastic change in the looks of my eyes. I was out walking my dog this morning like I do every morning and ran into a woman that I hadn’t seen for awhile. First thing she noticed was that I looked different. The “eyes”. She told me I looked like I was twenty years old. Thought that my eyes looked great. It’s only been a week since the stitches came out. I can’t wait till my 6 week check up. See ya then. Marla



Superb. I can’t even remember what it felt like with glasses or contacts. I teems so natural – so perfect. I have never had a problem – and I can’t imagine not having my eyes without a problem. Seeing is truly believing.

Thank you again.


It’s been a couple of months and it’s great! The main reason I got the laser was because I ride my bicycle everywhere and coach so this is great! Everyone in the office is so nice & friendly.

Thanks for everything

Fred L

“LASIK” has changed my life. No more cleaning contacts, no more bulky eye glasses, no more eye irritation. My vision is perfect – always! I used to be a –8.75 in both eyes. Now I’m 20-20 vision! When I used to take my contacts out I couldn’t see anything well. I would have to hold a book about two inches from my eyes to read. The thought of laser surgery was scary because these are my eyes. What if something went wrong? My eye doctor made me wait for surgery until the technology was advanced enough. Last year when I went for my exam she told me “LASIK” was the treatment eye doctors are performing on each other. So I took a year and researched Southern California to find the top ophthalmologist. I feel Dr. Weiss is him. He was the most knowledgeable doctor…



Incredible! I just came back form Hawaii. Was able to go snorkeling for the first time – and see everything! It’s even improved my golf game.

Thanks so much.

Doug C


Thanks to all at Dr. Weiss’ office. Everyone was most helpful and put my mind at ease. The very next day my eyesight was 20/20 and I am free from contacts and glasses. I hope someday no one will have to wear glasses and it’s people like Dr. Weiss and his staff that are making this possible one pair of eyes at a time.

Thanks again.

Carla P