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When Rock Star’s careers start to fade, they often turn to “Doc Botox”

Newport Beach doctor provides a syringe-based fountain of youth.

Newport Beach, CA – Richard A. Weiss, M.D., a cosmetic Botox and eyelid surgery expert, and musician himself, finds he is forehead deep in potential clients who may be looking to firm up their sagging faces and careers. Even before the FDA recently approved Botox as a medical treatment for facial lines and wrinkles, Dr. Weiss has had a steady stream of musicians, actors and other show-biz people who want to reduce the creases and wrinkles that showbiz sometimes bestows upon them. “Face-lifts and the like have always been de riguer for the rich and famous in this town”, says this southern California ophthalmic plastic surgeon. “Recently, Botox has brought rays of hope and tangible, immediate results to those who couldn’t afford an elaborate surgical procedure or tolerate any downtime in their hectic schedules.

Before I knew it, we were botoxing rockers, and for that matter their fans”. While declining to specifically name his famous music-making clients, he says, “though we can’t guarantee that musicians will be playing to sold-out Amphitheatre crowds after Botox treatment, many rockers tell me they feel much more secure in their stage presence”. And the fact that Botox reduces or eliminates migraine headaches is an added plus.

Weiss, who practices in Newport Beach and West L.A., says word of his practice spread more rapidly to the Los Angeles music community following a radio promotion called “Botox Rocks” with Star 98.7 FM, an LA rock station and an appearance on the Rick Dees show on KISS FM 102.7. He recently hosted a Botox party at his Newport Beach office with Star FM drive-time personality Jamie White that included hors d’oeuvres, wrinkle-removing Botox treatments, and champagne. One guest was chosen to receive cosmetic eyelid surgery at a later date. The party then moved to an upscale eatery, for dinner and a wine tasting.

Weiss has experience with Botox gatherings. He recently hosted a Botox party at a patient’s Laguna Beach mansion that was attended by 40-50 socialites, many of whom received treatments during the event. According to Dr. Weiss, we are starting to witness a new social phenomenon: the patients themselves are actively encouraging their friends to ‘join the club’ and are wanting to share their enthusiasm and excitement about this simple but highly effective appearance-improving procedure with their friends.

Dr. Weiss first read about a Botox party in London – and mentioned it in passing to a few of his patients. He was overwhelmed by the interest – many people wanted to invite their friends and host their own parties. Weiss has noticed that Botox is different than other cosmetic procedures in that people seem to enjoy talking about it with their friends, perhaps because it’s so affordable compared to other cosmetic procedures, or because no surgery is involved.

As an eye plastic surgery specialist, Dr. Weiss has been using Botox since 1989 – well before it was used for cosmetic purposes. Eye plastic surgeons originally used Botox for its initial FDA indication – for the treatment of uncontrollable blinking of the eyelids and facial spasms. Recognizing Dr. Weiss’ experience, Allergan (manufacturer of Botox) has designated his office as one of their national training centers for cosmetic Botox treatments.

Dr. Weiss is Medical Director of Weiss Cosmetic and Laser Vision Procedures, with offices in Los Angeles and Newport Beach. He received an undergraduate degree at New York University, a medical degree at Temple University School of Medicine and went on to complete an ophthalmology residency at Georgetown University. He has also taken special fellowship training in ophthalmic plastic and reconstructive surgery at the University of Toronto, one of only twenty training positions available in this field yearly in North America. In 1995, Dr. Weiss was asked to travel to South Africa and perform a complex reconstructive eyelid procedure for then-President Nelson Mandela.

For more information on Richard A. Weiss, M.D. call 949-720-1400 , 1-877-DRWEISS, or go to www.drweiss.com