Apr 25

For All You Baseball Fans!

Well, as you know (and you should, if you listened to my short rendition of ‘Take Me Out To The Ballgame’ last week ?), it’s baseball season again!

Friday night was a beautiful evening at Angels Stadium.

Outside images of Angels stadium

I arrived a little late by had no sooner sat down in my seat with a hot dog and a beer, when I looked up and saw a bases-loaded three-run double by Pujols to bring the Angels to a 3-2 lead! (Though the Angels lost 8-7 in the 13th inning).
However, there was more excitement to come! I happened to be part of a Guinness World Record of the most people wearing capes at one time!

Dr Weiss with cape

Being a long-time fan of caped crusaders and comic books (which will be the subject of a future blog), I was proud to participate. So was my cute little buddy (believe it or not) Nolan Ryan!

Nolan Ryan with cape 768x1024

Now, as a doctor, I’m always interested in anatomy and injuries. This slow motion video that I call ‘Anatomy of a Pitch’ shows why orthopedic surgeons must love major league pitchers.

The pitchers use all their ‘elbow grease’ so that you can barely see the pitch. But in slow motion, you can see what the ‘Anatomy of a Base Hit’ looks like!

And if you’re really a baseball fan, you’ll be interested in seeing the slow motion ‘Anatomy of a Bunt’ video to see how it’s done.

One last observation: I’ve often thought of baseball as being a pretty safe sport for the player, as opposed to football, rugby and other contact sports. But after seeing this batter hit on the knee with a fastball, I can’t believe he could even make it to first base. If I had been winged like that, I’d be hurting for quite a while!!

But enough anatomy lessons for now, folks! Enjoy the rest of the season!