Feb 16

Black Panther Challenge Contest!

Black Panther 3D render - credit SimbiotheroWe’re excited about the latest Marvel film to grace the silver screen – Black Panther! (You know we’re comic book nerds over here right? Did you see our Spider-Man comic collection blog earlier?).

While the titular hero struggles with claiming his royal birthright and a menacing supervillian, we have a challenge for you to take on! We won’t be able to give you access to the Avengers HQ or control over the nation of Wakanda – but we CAN give you a $250 credit in our office!

All you have to do is help T’Challa (that’s our hero’s real name) reach the end of this fiendish maze and rescue his friend. This maze was pulled from vintage 1978 collection of mazes featuring a number of Marvel’s famous costumed crusaders!

Good luck, true believers!  

Download the Black Panther Contest Maze