Sep 07

All The Way

And we here at Weiss Cosmetic love our family of patients “All The Way”!

As promised, for those of you whose taste might be more appreciative of jazz standards and for you crooners out there, I’m thrilled to share with you another karaoke offering, “All The Way”. The song was written by famed songwriter Jimmy Van Heusen, and is dedicated to my dear friend Pat D – because she actually worked with the composer!

Pat and Jimmy worked together in the 40s and 50s; she was his assistant, helping him as he composed hit after hit for Broadway, movies, TV and was even there for Jimmy’s first song!  She’s also had the pleasure of wedding dancing (and smooching) with Frank Sinatra and horseback riding with Jimmy – and that’s just a couple of her fascinating stories (such as the time she was crowned “Miss Dairy Queen” in Lindstrom, Minnesota for writing the song, “I Like My Eggs With A Kiss”).

“All The Way” won the 1957 Academy Award for best original song from the movie “The Joker is Wild” – one of my favorite films. So here you are, Pat, after much delay: “All The Way.”

Karaoke Participation Instructions

You’ll need headphones, two phones or one computer and a phone.  Simply listen to the video above (with your headphones on) and record yourself (with a voice memo app) jamming or submit your creation for  “Summer’s Almost Gone”!  Don’t forget to clap at the end when directed so we can sync recordings.

Lay down a background vocal or harmony, play an instrument, have some fun!  Then just bring or send in the audio or video file to us (I recommend dropping it into our Dropbox here) and label it FirstNameLastInitial  For example, my vocal file was named RichardW.