Apr 17

Maybe I’m Amazed

On this day (April 17) in 1970, Paul McCartney released “Maybe I’m Amazed’ on his first solo album after the Beatles, simply entitled ‘McCartney’. I was a freshman in college, and at that time no one could get enough of McCartney’s voice, or his songs. He also played all the instruments himself –  guitars, bass, piano, organ and drums – onto just a four track tape machine! Despite the spare arrangement, it’s been regarded as one of McCartney’s finest love songs, and McCartney once said “Maybe I’m Amazed” was “the song he would like to be remembered for in the future”. I’m not sure I agree with Paul on that, but I’ve always enjoyed this song!

McCartney dedicated this song to his wife, Linda. I’d like to dedicate this performance to my wife, Portia.