Oct 11

Detailed Patient Survey Results!

All of your comments regarding Dr. Weiss, staff, and your satisfaction

  • The best! Explained every detail, answered every question, called after surgery to check on me. Truly gifted and caring. The staff is so kind. I felt I could call with any question or concern.
  • They are amazing and love each and every one of them.
  • Well run, friendly, professional office
  • The office staff is very friendly and makes me feel welcome each visit. Dr. Weiss’s caring and compassion plus enthusiasm for sharing his other interests/hobbies is a pleasant surprise in this day of “sterile” patient/doctor interactions.
  • they are always kind and friendly
  • Dr Weiss always makes me feel welcomed as a person and not just a client
  • I really appreciate the good energy everyone in the office has. Everyone seems to be happy to be there. Everyone provides great service and make you feel welcome. Dr Weiss always goes above and beyond!!! I can’t say enough great things about this office.
  • He is very friendly and has great bedside manner
  • You do great work and I always looked forward to going to your office
  • I am having my procedure on DATE REDACTED and very excited. So far I’m very happy with the entire staff!
  • I’ve been coming here for 19 years because I feel very comfortable and trust Dr. Weiss implicitly.
  • Wonderful staff and doctor. Love the music and stories. It’s nice to be able to stop the business of ones day and enter an enjoyable zone that Dr Weiss shares. Thank you so much for enlightening our spirits.
  • Great doc all around…skilled and personable!!
  • Excellent service by Dr.Weiss and staff!
  • Everyone is friendly!
  • This is truly the most impressive Dr visit I have ever had. I continue to donate to the One World Sight Project.
  • Looking forward to my next post op appt. May need fillers!
  • I dig your 1 Big Happy Family!
  • Jackie and Tamara are wonderful and beautiful women. They provide excellent customer service. In addition, my phone interactions with Jamie have been great. ????????
  • Always very satisfied with Botox I receive from Dr Weiss!
  • I wish I wouldn’t have had the peel under eyes. It caused problems for me.
  • Weiss and his team are the nicest people.
  • Services and procedures are top notch, and professional. The entire staff is always welcoming and friendly. My procedures have always been fully explained, with pros and cons regarding each procedure. I have been extremely satisfied with everything done. Highly recommended, I will continue to use Dr. Weiss’s services.
  • Your office has been the most professional and kind people that really care about your patients. How Dr. Weiss treats you is exceptional he really cares about you as a person and explains everything very well and takes the time to answer all questions and concerns. Dr. Weiss is most friendliest doctor I have ever encountered and treats you more like a friend than a patient!
  • Everyone in Dr. Weiss’s office is very friendly and professional. I like that!
  • Weiss did a marvelous job on my eyelids and with Botox/fillers. He is the most personable, likable and skilled Doc-artist I’ve ever met. His staff are all so friendly and knowledgeable, too. Plus, we look forward to hearing his piano moments videos and learn the facts about the song and artist.
  • I am in the process of completing a very favorable review and will submit it soon.
  • I would trust Dr. Weiss to perform any type of surgery on me…even if he’s never done that procedure before!! Seriously, I have complete confidence in his skills, love his bedside manner and respect his suggestions/opinions. His staff is amazing, so friendly and make me feel like an important patient.
  • I enjoy the office music of of tunes from the past.
  • I appreciate your great enthusiasm and knowledge on a wide range of topics as well as your sincere interest in others. I get a kick out of your music videos too. Thank you
  • Scheduled for July eyelid surgery.
  • He is very professional, knowledgeable and has good bedside manners, and has a great personality. Staff is awesome. Thank you.
  • This is a wonderful office that treats me like I am his only patient. I would not trust my face or skin to anyone else!!
  • Dr Weiss is a terrific doctor and I trust him fully. He has a great staff and my experience with him and his office has been top notch to date.
  • It’s been a great 12 year relationship!
  • Weiss and staff make patients feel like family and it is a nice feeling
  • This is the best office to work at. We have the best family of people working here!!! Love you all! 🙂
  • Always a pleasure! I have sincerely enjoyed all of the musical history and keyboard performances. I on occasion even shared them with friends : ).
  • Won’t go anywhere else – love yah !
  • Weiss is a caring person, and that makes him an amazing doctor! He truly cares about his patients. I’m so glad that our paths crossed. And, his staff is just as amazing!
  • I have been a patient of Dr. Weiss 23 years. He has done some very interesting procedures on me sometime feeling like a Guinea pig but it worked….. we took a chance. Luv him.
  • Jackie is the best!!
  • I have referred my friend to Dr. Weiss and she had both upper and lower done and is thrilled with the outcome.
  • The team is awesome!
  • I am happy to refer many people to Dr. Weiss’ office
  • You guys rock!!
  • Everyone is friendly and the office feels like a Happy Environment!

What are your suggestions for improvement?

  • Nope!
  • You get an A+ from me:)))
  • I can’t think of anything.
  • Na
  • More BIG sales on Botox
  • None
  • No, it suits my needs exactly
  • Keep up the good work.
  • Perhaps have a documented post op check up plan
  • Perhaps remind me not to take fish oil a few days prior to my injectables. Also, take a look at my visits and perhaps remind me that I should book my next visit in advance so I can get into the schedule when I need to and not have to wait.
  • None!! Your choice of mints is outstanding. They are easy on me teeth. ????????
  • More promotions, discounts, new or interesting procedures offered, and less emails about personal stuff.
  • Your email marketing platform probably has a way to send targeted content to people (medical, music or both). Usually I would be annoyed with so many emails but because you have chances to win credit, it takes over the negative feeling. And because Dr. Weiss is such a nice guy that is genuine about his music passion.
  • keep doing what you’re doing!
  • It’s already awesome. Can’t think of anything.
  • I really can’t think of any suggestions at this time. Dr Weiss and his staff are exceptional.
  • I liked the little bash you did at the Zubies 2 years ago. Would like more of that but skip the Jazz and feature Old Time Rock and Roll
  • Clone Dr. Weiss??
  • Occasional discounts
  • I wish the price of Botox would come down, but I realize that’s not something Dr Weiss can control. I always look forward to coming to your office for services. Thank you. NAME REDACTED.
  • Text message(s) about upcoming discounts dates
  • NO
  • Everyone is great.
  • More educational emails on products/services – (i.e. define the different fillers and which fillers are used for which procedure so patient can be more educated prior to the visit on which filler they want to use)
  • You’re doing great!
  • More affordable.
  • Your the Best !!
  • Nothing comes to mind.
  • No suggestion at this time

Please rate your overall experience with our staff:

Very Good4%

If you’ve been treated by Dr. Weiss, how satisfied are you with the procedures done by Dr. Weiss:

Very Good4%

Please rate your overall experience with Dr. Weiss:

Very Good2%

How do we know you?

Prospective Patient7%
Friend/Family member4%

As we suspected, most of you are already patients here!  Almost 90% of the people that responded are patients.  What we find most interesting though, is that  7% of the respondents were prospective patients.  A special thanks to those kind souls who haven’t been in but took time out of their day to help us out!

How do you prefer to be reminded of your upcoming appointments?

Text Message60%
Email Message43%
Phone Call10%

When it comes to appointment reminders, our data supported what we’d been hearing anecdotally – 60% of respondents chose text messaging as their preferred medium!

Based on your feedback, we’re thrilled to announce that text messaging will be coming to our office within the next two months!  Thank you for your input and we’re excited to finally get this convenient and quick new service to you!

How often would you like to hear from us?


Correspondence frequency seemed to be pretty close between weekly (50%) and monthly (47%) – but weekly is our victor!  As such, we’ll be cutting down the emails to digests appearing in your inbox no more than once a week!  Don’t fret if this wasn’t your exact choice though – you ultimately have full control over your content notifications!  If you’d like to about stuff immediately as it’s posted – you can follow us on your preferred social media platform (Twitter, Facebook, YouTube, etc.).  If you don’t want to hear from us at all, simply unsubscribe from our email (you can find the link at the bottom of every email we send as well).

What type of content most interests you?

Special offers82%
Weiss Music Minutes66%
Weiss Medical Minutes61%
Before and After Photos60%
More detailed medical40%
Real patient experiences31%
Miscellaneous interests26%
More complete musical19%

We’re pleased to see a strong appreciation for the Weiss Music Minutes (66%) as well as a desire for more medical content – with “Weiss Medical Minutes” and “Before and After Photos” both showing over 60% interest. And of course, the big winner is “Special Offers and Discounts”, the runaway favorite with 82% of respondents interested. Stay tuned – we intend to be responsive to our patients desires! (In fact, mention ‘great survey results’ at your next visit to get a $50 office credit!!)

What is your preferred mix of content?

50% medical, 50% music41%
80% medical, 20% music34%
100% medical13%
80% music, 20% medical9%
100% music1%

41% of respondents favored a mix of 50% medical content and 50% musical content!  So we’ll be hard at work over here filming some more surgeries, reporting the latest details in oculoplastic surgery, and taking more pictures to showcase some awesome results! Interestingly, 84% of respondents preferred a mix of music and medicine compared to 14% who just wanted medical or music. I’m happy to know that you prefer the medicine/music mix, and I’m happy to provide it for you!

What services have you had (if any)?

Botox/Cosmetic Fillers73%
Eyelid Surgery(Cosmetic)66%
Skin Rejuvenation23%

What services are you interested in (if any)?

Botox/Cosmetic Fillers70%
Skin Rejuvenation63%
Eyelid Surgery (Cosmetic)29%

Our question about services that you’ve had or want to have provided some expected results, along with some surprises!  The majority of patients have had either Botox/Cosmetic Fillers (73%) or Eyelid Surgery (66%) with our office – no surprise here. And while we expected a strong interest in Botox (70%), we were pleasantly surprised to see a strong showing for Skin Rejuvenation (63%)!  We read you loud and clear – we’ll make sure to provide some more deals and details about skin rejuvenation in the upcoming weeks and months!

Thanks once again for participating – we can’t wait to see you in the office!


Dr. Weiss, Tamara, Jackie, and Jamie