Jan 13

Vaccine Signup for 65+

This information was just received from Hoag Hospital in Orange County, CA.  Please check for similar information in your county (I just registered my mom in Pennsylvania last night.)

The Orange County Health Care Agency (OCHCA) has now approved vaccinations for people aged 65+, which is an important milestone in the fight against COVID-19. Hoag is one of a number of sites in the County that will be offering vaccinations for seniors and high-risk patients. Please note that the actual vaccines have not yet been received, but preparations are being made for distribution for the general public aged 65+. See below for links to more information and registration.

To learn more about the OCHCA’s vaccine distribution plan, please refer to their website: The County is encouraging residents to register for notifications about the vaccine with an app they plan to use called Othena. You can go to to register. Hoag is not involved with the Othena app, so any further questions should be directed to the County. General questions COVID hotline: 714-834-2000.

This massive vaccination effort will take time and require patience.  In the meantime and as always, this bears repeating: please continue wearing masks, staying home, washing hands and practicing social distancing.

Stay safe,

Dr. Weiss