Piano Interpretations

Surgery is as much an art as it is a science. It should come as no surprise then, that Dr. Weiss is not only a board-certified physician, but an accomplished musician as well! Check back here for clips of Dr. Weiss playing his favorite compositions and maybe a few “Name that Tune” contests as well!

Memorial Day blog image

Happy Memorial Day 2018!

I’d like to once again (in what has now become a yearly tradition) re-share this video rendition of “America the Beautiful” with my family of patients and friends.  Help me honor and remember those who died for our country, and pray that many less will need to die in the future.… More »

Happy Mother’s Day 2018

Wishing all the mothers out there the happiest of days on their special day!  Of course, as we all know, the day is merely symbolic – you should celebrate your mother EVERY day 😊. Here’s a famous piece of music called “Claire de Lune” by Claude Debussy.  I played it for my mother 40 years ago at her wedding and I’m happy to share it with you all well!  You’ll learn a bit more about Debussy and his similarities to another of my favorite musicians, Stevie Wonder, a bit later… More »

Happy Birthday Stevie Wonder!

Well, this Mother’s Day has been quite the confluence of events!  Of course, Mother’s Day is Sunday May 13th.  As you’ll hear in the video, I decided to play a famous piece of music for my mom called “Claire De Lune” by Claude Debussy; I had played the song some 40 years ago at my mother’s wedding. As I began playing it, I realized suddenly that the middle section of Debussy’s composition has a modulation to the same key as another song I was working on – “The Secret Life… More »

Aileen singing while seated next to a fireplace

Happy St. Patrick’s Day 2018!

In honor of St. Patrick’s Day, I wanted to share this quick session I had with Aileen F., an Irish friend of mine  who lives in Limerick, Ireland.  She was happy to share this authentic and traditional Irish song with all of us – I hope you guys enjoy it as much as I did!  What a beautiful voice! Did you guys get a chance to catch last year’s St. Patrick’s Day post?  If you missed last year’s St. Patrick’s Day video, it’s never too late to watch and learn… More »

Weiss Christmas Music Countdown 2017 – The Christmas Song

Merry Christmas to all my friends, family and family of patients! I hope the holidays have brought you peace, health and happiness! Well, that’s it for this holiday season. I hope you’ve enjoyed my Christmas Music Countdown – I know I’ve enjoyed playing these songs and sharing them with you.… More »

Weiss Christmas Music Countdown 2017 – Silent Night

Of course, Christmas Eve is a special night.  So of course, today’s song is Silent Night!… More »

It's Beginning to Look a Lot Like Christmas Piano Video

Weiss Christmas Music Countdown 2017 – It’s Beginning to Look a Lot Like Christmas

We’re getting close! And if you ignore the bright sun, blue skies, and squint a little, you might even begin to notice it’s…well…beginning to look a lot like Christmas! 😊. I hope you enjoy today’s classic Christmas standard!… More »

Weiss Christmas Music Countdown 2017 – Slipping Into Christmas

Hi guys, Here’s something a little different!  I was feeling a little under the gun by committing to my Christmas song countdown, so I put this song together quickly last night. It’s an old Leon Russell tune called ‘Slipping into Christmas’ from 1972.  For some reason it has haunted me for years! Two firsts: 1- Dr. Weiss singing (I was told once never to sing in public!). And 2- my first attempt at lip-syncing (almost all music videos are lip synced!). Anyway, both done on the first take (c’mon, I’m… More »

Weiss Christmas Music Countdown 2017 – Winter Wonderland

Christmas is inching closer, but I doubt we’ll be seeing the sights described in this classic song. Today’s piano interpretation is “Winter Wonderland”. A bit of trivia for you all – while regarded as a Christmas song, the song never actually mentions the holiday and is considered more of simply a winter song!… More »

Weiss Christmas Music Countdown 2017 – Santa Claus is Coming to Town

As promised for my patients and friends, let’s count down to Christmas together! One a day until Christmas!   We’ll start off with an uptempo version of the holiday classic “Santa Claus is Coming to Town.”  Enjoy!… More »

Dr. Weiss with a crawfish umbrella

A Tribute to the New Orleans Jazz Fest!

This blog is a tribute to the New Orleans Jazz Fest that started today and runs this weekend and next weekend. First of all, I want to give a shout out to everyone having a great time down there! I sure wish I could have made it down this year. As jazz enthusiasts have been saying every year around this time: Next Year, in New Orleans! Playing a simple piano rendition of ‘Do You Know What it Means to Miss New Orleans’ reminds me of so many good memories over… More »

Ella Fitzgerald

Happy 100th Birthday Ella Fitzgerald!

Music is an integral part of the office (you might have guessed that by now 😁).  Yesterday happened to be the 100th birthday of legendary jazz queen Ella Fitzgerald!  Though she passed away at the age of 79 in 1996, her music and influence on jazz are far-reaching and everlasting.     Please enjoy my small tribute to a woman whose perfect elocution, pitch and unique improvisational skills made her a giant among musical artists. (NOTE: This was a spontaneous creation last night on her actual birthday, so while it may… More »

Baseball glove and mitt

Our Baseball Blog is Quite the Catch!⚾️

  Baseball season strikes again!  That means it’s time to swap March Madness for your baseball cap, dust off your baseball mitt and get ready to celebrate “America’s pastime”! In honor of baseball season, I made a cover of the song, “Take Me Out To the Ball Game!”, the unofficial theme for baseball.  The song was composed in 1908 by Jack Norworth and Albert Von Tilzer. I hope you enjoy my little baseball haiku!  Feel free to use it as a ringtone, share with your friends or even give us… More »

A Merry Christmas Minute

I hope everyone has a peaceful Christmas and a Happy Hannukah! Click here to sit down for a second and have a peaceful minute: P.S. C’mon, you didn’t think that I’d play ‘I had a little Dreidl’, did you?… More »

A Special Thanksgiving Musical Minute

A Special Thanksgiving Musical Minute

Well, that came quick didn’t it?  Thanksgiving is already here (what happened to the rest of the year??) and we’re excited to wish our family of patients a Happy Turkey Day! Dr. Weiss wanted to share a quick song with you – a ragtime piece by Scott Joplin, also known as the Ragtime King whose birthday happens to be November 24 (or at least that’s what the tombstone says)!  Also in a fascinating turn of events, guess what the name of Joplin’s most influential teacher is?  Yep – Weiss!  Yeah,… More »

A Special Treat for Rolling Stones Fans!

A friend shared these amazing photos of the Rolling Stones from a concert in Lima, Peru. Rolling Stones fans (and who isn’t?) enjoy! Photos used with permission.… More »

Dr. Weiss with kids in India

Listen to the song that gave birth to Dr. Weiss’ charity, One World Sight Project!

Some of you may know that years ago I was inspired to create a charity to cure blindness by a song that I wrote about the plight of the blind. 20-25 million people are needlessly blind; they can be cured in about 25 minutes for $25 each! One World Sight Project aims to bring awareness and novel solutions to the developing world. “One Spirit” is the song that inspired the charity. You can listen to it by clicking or tapping on the picture above.… More »

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Check us out on SoundCloud – it’s all about the music!

We’ve got some new and…ahem…noteworthy news for you – Dr. Weiss is officially on SoundCloud! For those not “in the know”, SoundCloud is basically a social platform built around sharing music and other audio. Think of it as a YouTube for sounds and music 🙂 We love sharing music with our family of patients and friends – SoundCloud seems like a popular and exciting platform for us to continue doing that! You can listen to our first track right now – a distorted, guitar driven cover of Nobody Knows You… More »

Local Anesthesia and Singing in the OR!

Local Anesthesia and Singing in the OR!

Well here’s something you might not see everyday! As you might be well aware, Dr. Weiss is a big fan of local anesthesia; he feels it’s a safer choice that leads to more accurate results! But how do the patients feel about it? Well, here’s one patient that seems fairly comfortable with our choice. But we’ll let him do the talking…er…singing. 🙂 Local Anesthesia and Singing in the OR!… More »

Memorial Day blog image

Dr. Weiss’ Memorial Day Commemoration – America the Beautiful

Help me honor and remember those who died for our country, and pray that many less will need to die in the future.  … More »

Happy Mother’s Day 2016!

Happy Mother’s Day to all the fantastic Moms (and moms-to-be!) that make up our family of patients! With the help of multi-track recording and auto harmony, Dr. Weiss has put together a little video to convey a special thank you to our Moms.  For best sound quality, listen to this video using headphones.  … More »


Happy Easter From Dr. Weiss

For those of you celebrating Easter today, here’s a little throwback to Dr. Weiss performing “Easter Parade” for his poodle Bisou. Happy Easter!  … More »

Springsteen at the LA Sports Arena 2016

Continuing our musical trend, Dr. Weiss attended the Springsteen concert last weekend and was super excited to tell you all about it. Of course, still images and text were not going to do The Boss justice. So he stitched together this awesome video summary of Springsteen’s final concert at the LA Sports Arena (the venue is scheduled to be closed and demolished later this year). We’ve got jumping crowds, classic songs clips, Dr. Weiss at 19 years old, and a surprise duet! But we can’t say anymore – you’ve got… More »

Dr. Weiss’ St. Patrick’s Day Celebration

As luck would have it, we’ve got a brand-new musical medley for our fantastic family of patients in celebration of St. Patrick’s Day!  Of course it’s filled with beautiful piano music, but it also features Dr. Weiss playing the penny whistle! Click to watch the video and find out a little more about penny whistles as well as hear some traditional Irish songs played on it! Wishing you all a happy, safe St. Patrick’s Day!  … More »

Musical Tribute to George Martin

Today, I’d like to celebrate the life of George Martin, who took a chance on four teenagers, awarded them their first recording contract and transformed popular music history. Thanks George – as well as John, Paul, George, and Ringo.… More »

Dr. Weiss plays “Easter Parade” for his poodle Bisou

Dr. Weiss plays “Easter Parade” for his poodle Bisou. Wishing everyone a very happy holiday!… More »

Name the Tune and Win!

Anyone out there know the name of the song Dr. Weiss is playing on the video above? We’d sure like to know – so much so that we’re giving out small prizes to those of you who can Name This Tune! Just give us a call or drop by the office, tell us the name of the song, and (if you’re correct) come in and claim your prize – or help us cure blindness by turning your prize into a donation to One World Sight Project! But you’d better hurry!… More »

Dr. Weiss' hands playing the piano

Black Muddy River

Dr. Weiss plays a version of “Black Muddy River” by the Grateful Dead for a friend and patient after surgery.… More »

Dr. Weiss' hands playing the piano

“My Old Kentucky Home”

Dr. Weiss plays “My Old Kentucky Home” for a patient that just had surgery!… More »