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Who says doctors don’t make house calls anymore? We think this is probably the next best thing! Confused about the difference between Botox and Dysport? What’s a “blepharoplasty” (no, it’s not what your elementary school cafeteria served for lunch on Fridays -it’s a fancy term for eyelid surgery)? Dr. Weiss answers your most pressing questions about eyes, surgery and medicine.

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Dr. Weiss Explains – Needle Selection and Botox injections

As many of you know, I’ve been injecting Botox Cosmetic since 1989.  As an oculoplastic surgeon I have used Botox before it was approved for cosmetic uses – treating blepharospasms and facial spasms with the then-novel product.  As a result I have become familiar with the nuances of the product and techniques for performing injections. One of the things I have noticed is that needle selection plays an important role in the efficacy of the Botox injections and patient comfort.  Enjoy this brief but hopefully informative presentation on how important… More »

Ask Dr. Weiss

Ask Dr. Weiss – What’s the Best Part of Your Job?

Dr. Weiss has been practicing medicine in Newport Beach for over 25 years! So we thought we’d ask him after all that experience, what’s the best part of being an oculoplastic surgeon?… More »

Ask Dr. Weiss

Ask Dr. Weiss – Asian Eyelid Surgery

Asian eyelid surgery requires a specialized knowledge of the unique physiological characteristics of the asian eyelid. Because of this, oculoplastic surgeons are often the best choice because of their focus on eyelid surgery as a specialty. Listen to Dr. Weiss discuss a patient and their fantastic results (complete with before and after pictures of course).… More »

Ask Dr. Weiss: What was it like operating on President Mandela?

Listen to Richard Weiss MD explain his feelings about the experience as well as what he learned from the former South African president.… More »

Ask Dr. Weiss: Local vs. General Anesthesia

Listen to Dr. Weiss explain why he absolutely prefers local anesthesia when performing blepharoplasty.… More »