Welcome to my blog!

Welcome to my blog! My goal here is to get more personal – and simply share stuff with my friends, family, and patients!  You can expect some posts on the latest advances in cosmetic surgery (although it seems like there’ll be a fair amount of music-related posts – they’re too much fun to make!) I also expect that we’ll have more contests and free stuff, special events and even very special guests!


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Asian Eyelid Surgery – Ask Dr. Weiss

September 1, 2016

Asian eyelid surgery requires a specialized knowledge of the unique physiological characteristics of the asian eyelid. Because of this, oculoplastic surgeons are often the best choice because of their focus on eyelid surgery as a specialty. Listen to Dr. Weiss discuss a patient and their fantastic results (complete with before and after pictures of course).

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Local Anesthesia and Singing in the OR!

July 15, 2016

Well here’s something you might not see everyday! As you might be well aware, Dr. Weiss is a big fan of local anesthesia; he feels it’s a safer choice that leads to more accurate results! But how do the patients feel about it? Well, here’s one patient that seems fairly comfortable with our choice. But we’ll let him do the talking…er…singing. 🙂 Local Anesthesia and Singing in the OR!

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Local vs. General Anesthesia for Blepharoplasty

May 24, 2016

Local anesthesia leads to safer and more accurate results in eyelid surgery, and Dr. Weiss is a proponent of local anesthesia when performing eyelid surgeries in his office. Local anesthesia allows for small, localized areas to be made numb as opposed to general anesthesia which puts the patient “to sleep” and requires an anesthesiologist to be present. But what makes local anesthesia the better choice for eyelid surgery? Watch the short video and find out more!  

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A Complete Look at Upper Eyelid Surgery (Blepharoplasty)

December 18, 2015

We want our patients to be as informed as possible before making any decisions concerning their health.  That’s why we’re thrilled to bring you a complete and detailed look at the eyelid surgery process from pre-operative visit to before and after pictures. BEFORE AFTER While the Internet and sites like YouTube make it trivial to find example videos of any number of procedures, we believe it is invaluable to see YOUR physician (or potential physician) at work.  Surgery is an art as well as a science; it is important to see the way your physician operates. Please take note of a few details we think are crucial: Dr. Weiss feels strongly that the use of local anesthesia (as opposed to general produces the most accurate results. (Note: Our patients are given Valium by mouth but no IV sedation is used.) This allows Dr. Weiss to sit the patient up during the procedure and examine the eyelids for symmetry with the effect of gravity taken into consideration. In this way, local anesthesia leads to the most precise and predictable outcome. You’ll notice at the 14:30 mark, Dr. Weiss sits the patient up to do exactly as mentioned above. He examines the [...]
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Happy Birthday Dr. Weiss (and Botox Cosmetic!)

April 23, 2012

Here’s an interesting factoid: Dr. Weiss’ birthday (April 15) falls on the 10th anniversary of Botox Cosmetic, a product Dr. Weiss has been intimately involved with since the beginning. And here’s another: Did you know that 10 years ago, Dr. Weiss was being interviewed on the radio the very same day that Botox Cosmetic received its FDA approval? We thought that was pretty awesome! While we’re not exactly sure what Botox did over its special weekend – probably just “relax” (did you get it? Or do you “needle” little time?), Dr. Weiss certainly managed to “inject” some fun into his special day. He headed out to North Hollywood for the Thai New Year (which ALSO falls on his birthday – is this the month for coincidences or what?)! As expected, the Thai New Year is a grand celebration, complete with great food (of course), mediation, and beautiful dances! Check out a couple of pics from the festivities and we’ll see you in the office!


Who needs sunscreen? YOU do!

March 4, 2012

Who should use sunscreen? Everyone should use sunscreen! Although people with darker skin tones have some built-in protection, it isn’t enough. Everyone needs to be protected from the harmful rays of the sun, everyday. How does sunscreen work? Most sun protection products work by absorbing, reflecting or scattering sunlight. They contain chemicals and minerals that interact with the skin to protect it from UV rays. Broad-spectrum sunscreens protect against both UVA and UVB rays. What is the difference between the rays? Sunlight has of two types of harmful rays– ultraviolet A (UVA) rays and ultraviolet B (UVB) rays. Overexposure to either can lead to skin cancer. In addition to causing skin cancer, here’s what each of these rays do: UVA rays – UVA rays can prematurely age your skin, causing wrinkles and age spots, and can pass through window glass. Tinted automobile windows do not protect you. UVB rays – UVB rays are the primary cause of sunburn. Unfortunately, there is no safe way to tan. Every time you tan, you damage your skin. As this damage builds, you speed up the aging of your skin and increase your risk for all types of skin damage So when should I […]

winter skin care

Winter Skin Care Tips!

February 1, 2012

Winter is coming to a close, but it’s never too late for some great winter skin tips, right? Even if you’re already pulling out the flip flops and the tankini, humor Mother Nature and give these tips a read (or just bookmark them for when Old Man Winter drops by again next year)! 1.  Cleanse twice daily (more is not better). 2.  Exfoliate 1-2 times weekly with a gentle exfoliator. Up to 3 times a week during the warmer months depending on skin type. 3.  The vitamins we take orally and get in our food are not enough to keep out exterior looking its best!  Applying topical vitamin serums help to stimulate collagen and elasticity and keep skin looking fresh. 4.  Hydrate! Drinking lots of water is great for our entire body including our skin, and using moisturizer helps to seal in that moisture and serums. 5. Protect! Use sunscreen daily. Make it a habit, just like brushing your teeth. The sun’s rays don’t seem as strong in the winter months so many of us feel it’s ok to go without protection during these months. Not true! Even though we are not as active outdoors in the winter, the rays […]