Welcome to my blog!

Welcome to my blog! My goal here is to get more personal – and simply share stuff with my friends, family, and patients!  You can expect some posts on the latest advances in cosmetic surgery (although it seems like there’ll be a fair amount of music-related posts – they’re too much fun to make!) I also expect that we’ll have more contests and free stuff, special events and even very special guests!


Mothers day 2021

Mother’s Day Singalong Medley

May 9, 2021

  Mother’s Day Singalong Medley! (click here)  Many of you read that I was recently in Philadelphia (actually, Jenkintown) for a while taking care of my mom. I’m happy to say that she is now doing well. While I was there, I picked up a random music book of the ‘World’s Greatest Songs’ arranged for easy piano in my mom’s piano bench that I must have left for her years ago. I was pleasantly surprised at the quality of the songs and especially of the deceptively sophisticated arrangements (edited and arranged by Roger Edison and available on Amazon.) We had so much fun together learning and singing some of these songs, I thought that I would share them with you – to share with your moms on Mother’s Day (for 15 minutes of fun!) Who can’t use a little pandemic stress relief? So, if you are so inclined, click on the above photo, project it up on the big screen if you can,  and join us in Mom’s living room for a lively old fashioned karaoke sing-a-long!  There’s something for everyone!  (For the really dedicated, or for brain exercise, or just for fun –  try singing these songs once a night until you have the lyrics […]

Home on the Range

Home on the Range

August 22, 2019

OK, here’s an oldie but goody. Who doesn’t know and love this song!   In 1872, Home on the Range was composed by Daniel E. Kelley with the lyrics by Brewster M. Higley. It was originally distributed as a poem, "My Western Home",  but is now regarded as the unofficial anthem of the American West. Home on the Range was adopted by ranchers, cowboys, and other western settlers throughout the past few generations. Of interest, Home on the Range originally didn’t have even include the words “on the range”, but over as time went on, the phrase was adopted into the song title. Notable versions include ones by Bing Crosby, Ken Maynard, Frank Sinatra, Pete Seeger, Gene Autry, and Burl Ives, among others.  So sit back, relax, and enjoy this western original. Dr. Weiss Bosendorfer piano sound - For this recording I’m playing a Yamaha Clavinova – which has the same keyboard action as a traditional acoustic piano, but there are no strings. Pressing a key activates (in this case) a sound which was sampled from a Bösendorfer Imperial Concert Grand piano. Try listening to it with a good set of headphones! It sounds better than any piano I've ever owned!!
Happy Memorial Day from Weiss Cosmetic!

America the Beautiful

June 5, 2018

I’d like to once again (in what has now become a yearly tradition) re-share this video rendition of “America the Beautiful” with my family of patients and friends.  Help me honor and remember those who died for our country, and pray that many less will need to die in the future.

I’m a Yankee Doodle Dandy!

July 3, 2016

Happy Birthday, America! From our family to yours, we wish you all a fantastic holiday filled with food, fun and fireworks! And to kick off your holiday weekend, we thought we’d give you a little song and dance. Enjoy your holiday weekend while we wait anxiously for the recording contract offers to come rolling in 😉   Happy Independence Day From Weiss Cosmetic