Welcome to my music blog - The Soundtrack of My Life!

Many of you have asked me “What’s with all the music, Dr. Weiss?” Well, as I’ve told some of you:

I personally call every surgery patient on the evening of surgery just to make sure they are doing well and have no questions that need answering. Occasionally, I would be at the piano and play a song that we had listened to that day. I gradually realized that I wanted to go through all the music that I had played during my life and at least start making a list of the songs that I had recently played.

Well, there are now about 600 songs on the list and I realized that it in a way it represented the ‘soundtrack of my life’! And that’s how I got the idea to record these songs and share them with my patients, friends and family. After I record them they will reside here, for easy access.

Music is truth. It’s honest. It’s really the first social media, where in a way, people could share their souls directly. And isn’t that what the purpose of social media is and why it’s so popular - trying to share who you really are, as completely and directly as possible?

Finally, it has been (and will continue to be) a genuine pleasure sharing these different songs with you and I really appreciate all of your positive feedback!!

Musical Genres

Name - watch (click to sort) Composer MP3 - listenAdd To Playlist
A Song for YouLeon Russell
Ain’t She Sweet (part of Happy Jazz Medley)Ager and Yellen
TenderlyWalter Gross and Jack Lawrence
In The Still of the NightCole Porter
Thanks For The MemoryRalph Rainger
I’m Looking Over a Four Leaf CloverHenry MacGregor Woods
Easter ParadeIrving Berlin
As Time Goes ByHerman Hupfeld
The Things We Did Last SummerSammy Cahn