Welcome to my blog!

Welcome to my blog! My goal here is to get more personal – and simply share stuff with my friends, family, and patients!  You can expect some posts on the latest advances in cosmetic surgery (although it seems like there’ll be a fair amount of music-related posts – they’re too much fun to make!) I also expect that we’ll have more contests and free stuff, special events and even very special guests!


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Mr. Jelly Lord – Jelly Roll Morton

January 23, 2024

Mr. Jelly Lord (1:33) Recorded 1/21/24 Jelly Roll Morton, born October 20, 1890 in New Orleans, has been called the first great composer and piano player in jazz. Actually, Morton once confessed that his innovations resulted from his inability to remember and play ragtime pieces properly. He had to “fudge” the notes. His improvisations led him to create loose, swinging rhythms that were more informal than ragtime, and sounded a lot more fun. Morton was jazz’s first arranger, proving that a genre rooted in improvisation could retain its essential characteristics when notated. I can personally attest to that. How else would a kid from the Philadelphia suburbs be able to record this song 100 years later? His composition “Jelly Roll Blues”, published in 1915, was one of the first published jazz compositions. He also claimed to have invented jazz. I don’t know about that (Louis Armstrong and others might also take issue with that claim), but he was certainly foundational and very influential in the development of jazz from ragtime. Morton had an eye for the ladies and the charm of a snake oil salesman. To tide himself over, from time to time, he put his talents to use as a […]


Artificial Intelligence Peace Blog

January 1, 2024

Illustration Credits: Rick and Dall-E We are constantly trying to make sense of why we have all the wars and misery around the world, and what we can do about it. I decided to ask chatGPT (while I was in an Uber with a driver who was from Senegal, recently arrived from Africa.) We both agreed on the plan below that chatGPT came up with in seconds. My New Year’s wish is that the countries of the world select leaders who also agree.   Rick: How to get world peace? ChatGPT: “Achieving world peace is a complex issue that humanity has been grappling with for centuries. However, many ideas and steps are generally agreed upon as necessary to get closer to this ambitious goal. Here are some of them: Education: Access to quality education for everyone can contribute significantly to world peace. Education can foster understanding, tolerance, and empathy among different cultures, nations, and ethnic groups. Poverty Reduction: Poverty often leads to conflict and strife. Therefore, global efforts to alleviate poverty can directly contribute to world peace. This includes economic development, fair trade practices, and aid for underdeveloped countries. Conflict Resolution: Encouraging peaceful resolutions to conflicts instead of resorting to violence is crucial. This can be […]

On the good ship lollipop

On the Good Ship Lollipop

December 7, 2021

On The Good Ship Lollipop Tribute to Shirley Temple   What can I say about Shirley Temple (who passed away today – December 7 – at age 85)? I will miss her but never forget her spirit. Thanks for all your smiles!  We should all slow down and watch a Shirley Temple movie soon!  In the meantime… Enjoy, Dr. Weiss Dedicated to Josh and Lana

The Scream

Help! John Lennon’s cri de couer

July 19, 2021

Help!   Dear family of patients, On this summer day July 19, 1965 – 56 years ago, the Beatles released the single “Help!” (now ranked at number 29 on the Rolling Stone’s 500 Greatest Songs of All Time.) I remember listening to it over and over again with my brother in his room on our portable 45 rpm record player.  I also remember wrestling with my brother while listening to the B-side “I’m Down” (OK, I was 12 and my brother was 10.) I sent you this song as an Earth Day video a few months ago, but looking back, I now feel that the importance of the Earth Day message as well as the accompanying visuals (not to mention my amateur vocals) detracted from simply enjoying the beautiful sound of this arrangement and instrumentation (Bösendorfer Grand piano sample on the Yamaha Clavinova.) I can’t quite put my finger on it, but the aural quality and chord changes alone, sans lyrics, seem to express all the existential angst of our current global pandemic moment, while improbably being strangely soothing at the same time. Lennon said that Help! was one of his favorite Beatles songs and “one of the only true songs he ever wrote.” I’ve chosen […]

Mothers day 2021

Mother’s Day Singalong Medley

May 9, 2021

  Mother’s Day Singalong Medley! (click here)  Many of you read that I was recently in Philadelphia (actually, Jenkintown) for a while taking care of my mom. I’m happy to say that she is now doing well. While I was there, I picked up a random music book of the ‘World’s Greatest Songs’ arranged for easy piano in my mom’s piano bench that I must have left for her years ago. I was pleasantly surprised at the quality of the songs and especially of the deceptively sophisticated arrangements (edited and arranged by Roger Edison and available on Amazon.) We had so much fun together learning and singing some of these songs, I thought that I would share them with you – to share with your moms on Mother’s Day (for 15 minutes of fun!) Who can’t use a little pandemic stress relief? So, if you are so inclined, click on the above photo, project it up on the big screen if you can,  and join us in Mom’s living room for a lively old fashioned karaoke sing-a-long!  There’s something for everyone!  (For the really dedicated, or for brain exercise, or just for fun –  try singing these songs once a night until you have the lyrics […]

First earth

Earth Day Help!

April 22, 2021

One of the first color images of Earth, a digital image mosaic taken in 1967.   I was playing this song (Help!) the other day and started to imagine that the Earth was trying to talk to us all  through the lyrics of a Beatles song. Looking at this image makes us realize that we are undeniably all in this together – whatever happens. In my opinion, the best thing that we could do for the earth is to simply stop trying so hard to kill it! Live sustainably and plan for the future of the earth!  The earth needs us now! Dr. Weiss

Covid vaccine signup

Vaccine Signup for 65+

January 13, 2021

This information was just received from Hoag Hospital in Orange County, CA.  Please check for similar information in your county (I just registered my mom in Pennsylvania last night.) The Orange County Health Care Agency (OCHCA) has now approved vaccinations for people aged 65+, which is an important milestone in the fight against COVID-19. Hoag is one of a number of sites in the County that will be offering vaccinations for seniors and high-risk patients. Please note that the actual vaccines have not yet been received, but preparations are being made for distribution for the general public aged 65+. See below for links to more information and registration. To learn more about the OCHCA’s vaccine distribution plan, please refer to their website: https://occovid19.ochealthinfo.com/phased-approach-vaccine-distribution. The County is encouraging residents to register for notifications about the vaccine with an app they plan to use called Othena. You can go to www.othena.com/individuals.php to register. Hoag is not involved with the Othena app, so any further questions should be directed to the County. General questions COVID hotline: 714-834-2000. This massive vaccination effort will take time and require patience.  In the meantime and as always, this bears repeating: please continue wearing masks, staying home, washing hands and […]

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Hoag Vaccines and Testing

December 30, 2020

To my family of friends and patients, Here is some information from Hoag Hospital that may be of interest to you. (For those outside of Orange County, I’m sure similar things may be happening in your own communities.). Included below is the latest COVID vaccine distribution update and the current COVID testing protocols and quarantine recommendations. Think of how these facts might apply to your own home and workplace situations.  Also included is a warning on an emerging multi-drug resistant yeast infection that can live on hard surfaces for months! Yet another reason to practice safety protocols including frequent hand washing (as if we needed another reason!) Vaccine news After just 14 days after receiving the first shipment of the Pfizer vaccine: 77% of Hoag medical staff have gotten first shot of Pfizer vaccine, as of December 30 (only 4% have declined for now). More than 3000 Tier 1 high and moderate risk Hoag employees and medical personnel have also gotten their first dose No frontline, high-risk physician was left exposed, which was the result running more than 30 vaccine clinics in eight (8) days. The clinics were organized, sanitized, socially distanced, and extremely efficient. Covid Exposures and Testing protocols […]

Leon Russell at microphone

A Song for You

November 13, 2020

A Song For You Leon Russell passed away on this day 4 years ago. In my opinion, this is one of the loveliest love songs ever written. Believe it or not (it's true), I once put on an international multi-specialty medical conference in Deer Valley and I had Leon Russell perform. Pretty crazy, eh? Enjoy, Dr. Weiss Bosendorfer piano sound - For this recording I’m playing a Yamaha Clavinova – which has the same keyboard action as a traditional acoustic piano, but there are no strings. Pressing a key activates (in this case) a sound which was sampled from a Bösendorfer Imperial Concert Grand piano. Try listening to it with a good set of headphones! It sounds better than any piano I've ever played!!
This Masquerade

This Masquerade

December 16, 2019

Leon Russell must have known he had written this instant jazz classic as soon as he finished it.  I mean, how could he not? Once again, the chord changes are universal, but the truth of the words makes the song. This song has a special place in my heart because I once hired Leon to play at a medical conference I put together in Deer Valley and he didn’t disappoint (he did go on a little late though!) Enjoy, Dr. Weiss Dedicated to Jerry S and Tom M Bosendorfer piano sound - For this recording I’m playing a Yamaha Clavinova – which has the same keyboard action as a traditional acoustic piano, but there are no strings. Pressing a key activates (in this case) a sound which was sampled from a Bösendorfer Imperial Concert Grand piano. Try listening to it with a good set of headphones! It sounds better than any piano I've ever owned!!