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Weiss Christmas Music Countdown 2017 – Slipping Into Christmas

Hi guys,

Here’s something a little different!  I was feeling a little under the gun by committing to my Christmas song countdown, so I put this song together quickly last night. It’s an old Leon Russell tune called ‘Slipping into Christmas’ from 1972.  For some reason it has haunted me for years!

Two firsts: 1- Dr. Weiss singing (I was told once never to sing in public!). And 2- my first attempt at lip-syncing (almost all music videos are lip synced!). Anyway, both done on the first take (c’mon, I’m a professional surgeon, not a professional musician!) But it’s alright – it’s just between us: my family, friends and family of patients, and it’s just what I would play for you if you were in my living room. Definitely not looking for a record deal.  

So. please enjoy today’s somewhat obscure Christmas song.