You’ve said that John is still singing and talking, and that he was “a wind that never dies.” I agree. He was certainly an inspiration to me when I wrote a song (“One Spirit”) that in turn inspired me years ago to found One World Sight Project ( to help cure blindness around the world. It was after first hearing “One Spirit” that Stevie Wonder joined us as a Special Advisor, which has stimulated the coordinated efforts of international eye care organizations, which are now united as never before. (Nelson Mandela was another OWSP Special Advisor.)

I want to invite you to discuss our plans to honor OWSP Special Advisor Stevie Wonder with international tribute concerts while simultaneously curing blindness in 10,000 people on every continent – at the same time as the concerts are happening! Since this project is almost a kind of performance art – in that it is a unique and visible demonstration of world peace and cooperation – I immediately thought of you, and your ceaseless similar efforts through the years, and hoped that you would have some creative thoughts that could make our effort more effective.

I understand that you may not have the time in your busy schedule to take on another project. However, I would greatly appreciate the opportunity to hear your thoughts and comments regarding our plans, which would be especially meaningful coming from someone with your perspective.

In peace and love,

Rick Weiss
[email protected]

P.S. I am an eye surgeon and also a musician, and sometimes send little musical thoughts to my patients. I just dedicated my simple piano version of ‘Hold On’ to you in John’s memory ( ). I think it’s time to ‘get things done like they’ve never been done.’ We fully intend to permanently cure blindness in 10,000 people on every continent in a matter of days!

P.S.S. If you wanted to hear “One Spirit”, here is me introducing my own simple piano arrangement ( and here is the audio of my friend singing “One Spirit” ( In “One Spirit” I’m saying “See you’re part of everyone…we’re one spirit…looking for a better way to say I love you.”